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Doula Services

“A woman, as long as she lives, will remember how she was made to feel at her birth” -Anna Verwaal

I’d love to be a part of your birth journey! This is how I will support you:

Complimentary Consultation 

This gives us a chance to meet with no obligation. You can ask any questions, get to know me, and it allows me to learn about the birth experience that you desire. We can schedule this at any time in the pregnancy, whenever you decide you would like a doula! We often meet at a local coffee shop. 

Once you hire me as your doula we will set up three prenatal appointments. I will also send you my lending library list and you can choose items that you would like to read/watch/listen to. I can bring those to your prenatal appointments.

First Prenatal—Birth Preferences

I will email you a form to fill out on your birth preferences and you can have it ready for this visit. We will go over it in detail that night and doing so may prompt you with questions for your primary care-provider. I also give all my clients a complimentary journal as I want them to fill the pages with all their thoughts and concerns to free up that head space for the birth and postpartum time. You do not need to hold on to any fear or worries!

Second Prenatal—Comfort Measures

This will be a review of what happens during labour and I will show you some relaxation and hands-on coping techniques. The focus will be on those comfort measures and we will do some exercises to see what helps you to work through discomfort. We can practice various birthing positions and movement. During the second visit we will go over logistics of either getting to the hospital or setting up your home for the birth. We will discuss music/photography, things you will be bringing and things I will have in my doula kit for the birth. 

Third Prenatal—Breastfeeding 

At this appointment we will discuss breastfeeding, so you will feel confident when you first feed your baby. As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant I have excellent current information to pass on about getting off to a good start with your new arrival. If desired, I can do a breast exam to rule out any physiological issues that could affect breastfeeding. We will also ensure proper postpartum planning is in place.

24 Hour On Call Availability for Your Birth 

I will be there to provide continual support from the time you feel you need me there. We can meet at your home or at the hospital. I will stay until your baby is done breastfeeding. What will I do? 

• anything that you need! (an extra set of hands to carry things, help prepare food for the hospital or home, a non judgmental ear to listen) as well as...
• suggestions for activities or positions to help labour progress
• encourage nutrition and fluids in early labour
• help to decide when to go to the hospital
• help you identify any fears and offer suggestions for overcoming them
• help with breathing and relaxation techniques
• offer ideas to the father that he can do to help
• suggest labour positions and comfort measures
• lots of encouragement and reassurance
• helps ease the transition from home to hospital
• continuous emotional, informational and physical support to both mother AND father (Dad may need questions answered, need to take a break, feel scared and uncertain at times too)
• remind you to *stay in the moment*
• help create an environment in which you feel safe and confident
• provide information and explanation of medical and birth options
• work cooperatively with your health care team
• reminding mother and father (and staff) of birth plan, as required
• take pictures as you like (with my camera or yours)
• assist with breastfeeding

Waterbirth Option

I have a birth pool and will provide you with a liner and hose. I set up the pool while you are in labour, maintain the water temperature for your comfort, and take down the pool after the baby is born. This service is available at an additional cost.

Postpartum Visit 

I will provide you with a written birth story that documents the incredible journey that you took. We will review your birth experience and discuss postpartum healing, infant care, and breastfeeding. I can answer any questions and concerns that you have as a new parent.

Available by Phone/Email 

From the time that you hire me, I am always available by phone or email to answer any questions or concerns that you have.



"Thank you for all of your help and support throughout my pregnancy and the birth. Your advice and words of wisdom were so helpful and we both felt so prepared knowing you were with us through this journey. There is a no way that I would have made it through labour without an epidural if it wasn't for you!"

Kelly, Sherwood Park

"We had the most positive and powerful home water birth with Pam as our doula. She was a fountain of knowledge and support leading up to the birth of our little girl and an absolute rock solid support during the birth. I can't imagine not having her calm, patient personality along side us as we experienced the most amazing time in our lives! Looking forward to having her as part of our birth team for our next little wonder."

Jessa, Edmonton

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